Company Overview

Z&L Properties, Inc. is a California based real estate development and management company that specializes in high-rise mixed-use developments. Z&L has an impressive portfolio of high-rise condo projects in California’s most preeminent cities, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Jose.

Headquartered in Foster City, CA, the company includes a team of engineers, planners, architects, lawyers, accountants, and marketing professionals who work on all phases of development, from acquisition to close.


Lin Wu, President

Ms. Wu has a wealth of experience in financing, marketing, acquisitions, and strategic management. She joined Z&L Properties as its President in early 2017 and has played an invaluable role in leading the company. Ms. Wu began her career in 2002 with R&F Properties in Guangzhou. At age 28, Ms. Wu was named the Marketing and Sales Director of Northern China and was the youngest person ever to hold such a position in the company. She worked on various high-rise projects, including Ying Long Da Sha (a 28-story office building), Ying Kai Da Sha (a 60-story office building), Edinburgh International Residences (a 270-unit condominium development), and Shi Dan Li International Residences (a 350-unit condominium development). In 2009, Ms. Wu joined Guangzhou Seedland Real Estate Development Company as its CEO and President. Under Ms. Wu’s management, the company’s sales revenues grew from 100 million RMB to 1 Billion RMB. Ms. Wu holds a B.A. from Shanghai University and an EMBA from Sun Yat-Sen University.

Xiaobo (Paul) Li, CEO

Mr. Li has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry. Before joining Z&L, he served as a regional CEO of China Construction Co., Ltd. Mr. Li personally led the construction of many high-level commercial projects, factories, stadiums and subways. Under his management, the company increased its annual revenue from 100 million U.S. dollars to 800 million U.S. dollars while managing more than 30 projects and more than 1,000 employees. Many of the projects he participated in won the highest quality award in China. He has worked with well-known Chinese and foreign companies such as Shenzhen Metro, Vanke, China Construction Real Estate, Obayashi, Samsung, and Bechtel. Mr. Li holds a bachelor’s degree from Chongqing University and a master’s degree from Greenwich University.

Robert Buckner, CFO

After receiving his MBA, Mr. Buckner began the first ten years of his career as a practicing CPA specializing in the construction industry. For the past 20 years, he has served as the CFO and manager of three construction and real estate development companies. Mr. Buckner has worked on projects of various types in California and Hawaii, including public works projects, commercial and apartment complexes, high rise condominium projects such Moana Pacific and Moana Vista in Honolulu. Mr. Buckner is also a licensed California General Contractor and Real Estate broker.

Build Consensus
Build Relationships
Build the Future


We are committed to managing the development of quality properties that improve the environment and serve the surrounding community and its people.


We envision an evolved and interconnected world, where the built environment supports personal productivity, health and happiness.


We are passionate about creating high quality properties, with a deep respect for skillfully built environments and unrelenting attention to detail.


We take a cooperative approach to building timeless environments that anticipate the future of cities, furthering urban harmony and balance.